Point of Sale, POS Systems


The Challenge

Many small to mid-size merchant account cost want to compete with larger retailers while maintaining their uniqueness and offering a superior level of customer service. The First Data® Retail Solution offers the necessary tools to be competitive while allowing you to minimize the time spent on store operations and focus more on the customer experience.

The Solution

The First Data® Retail Solution easily integrates with back-office functions and provides flexibility for future enhancements. It can help streamline your store operations and help you better manage every aspect of your business.

By integrating payment gateway providers processing with your backoffice tools, you free up time to focus on your customers and create more personalized service. As a result, you greatly improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Here's how it works

The First Data® Retail Solution consists of three retaildesigned components: a retail-hardened personal computer powered by an Intel® processor at the point of sale, a robust retail software package that handles inventory and customer management, and integrated First Data® payment processing that allows you to process virtually every payment type.This solution processes all major credit cards payment gateway, including Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover® Network,American Express® and JCB®, as well as PIN and signature debit transactions. It also supports gift cards and, through peripheral products, you can process paper checks electronically using the TeleCheck® ECA service. This integrated solution is designed to be up and running quickly, while our over-the-phone training allows you to ask questions and become familiar with your system. Intuitive operation helps provide the features and benefits you need and keeps your business running smoothly.

  • Touch-screen functionality
  • Real-time, customizable sales activity and inventory reports
  • Retail-tested hardware for optimal performance in the most demanding locations
  • Automatically generate purchase orders basedon reorder points and restock levels
  • Installation support, training, customer service and a three-year warranty—with no monthly maintenance fees
Help Your Business
  • Speed up checkout time with built-in transaction processing
  • Check prices, inventory availability and stock location with ease
  • Create tailored sales programs to drive store traffic
  • Eliminate time-consuming, paper-based tracking
  • Decrease the amount of time spent on store operations
  • Prompt cashiers regarding cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Track customer visits and purchase histories to offer more personalized service
  • Identify sales trends in every department and category to optimize stock levels
  • Minimize theft and shrinkage
Industry Applications
  • Liquor Stores -> Dollar Stores
  • Convenience Stores -> Cellular/Electronics
  • Car Washes -> Gift Shops
  • General/Specialty Retail -> Cosmetics
  • Florists -> Chain Stores
  • Clothing/Apparel Stores -> Rental Stores


The Challenge

Restaurant owners need to make sure their customers are served quickly and efficiently, while also managing their restaurant's finances, sales, special menu offerings and personnel.

To handle all of these responsibilities, many restaurant owners use a mixture of separate devices from several different vendors or avoid technology altogether and use time-consuming paper guest checks and antiquated cash registers.

The Solution

First Data™ Restaurant Solution is a comprehensive,cost-effective system that provides everything necessary to manage all aspects of a restaurant business.

This hard-working system, created by restaurant owners for restaurant owners, combines convenience and ease of use, which allows more time spent focusing on customers and less time in the back office.

Here's how it works

The First Data services Restaurant Solution includes a high performance integrated computer powered by an Intel processor, a software package featuring Microsoft technology, and First Data merchant account payment processing that accepts many payment types, including Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover Network,American Express and JCB cards, as well as gift cards.With features that provide customer-specific pricing and special discount options, easy tracking of fresh sheet menu items, and faster, more accurate transactions, the First Data™ Restaurant Solution can be an invaluable business tool.

  • Quiet, fan-free design
  • User-friendly operating system
  • Durable 15" touch-screen display
  • Easy menu setup and maintenance
  • Split-ticket and special order processing
  • Product support from trusted companies
  • Real-time, customizable data reports
Help Your Customers
  • Enjoy personalized attention and a higher level of service
  • Expand their range of payment options
  • Benefit from tailored receipt messaging offers


Clover is an all-in-one system that replaces a cash register, terminal, and POS system, all for not much more than you’d pay for a cash register and terminal alone. What’s more, this thing is powerful. Ring up sales, sure, but also view your inventory, track revenues, manage employees, view reports, and take advantage of a ton of applications that are customized for your business.

Additional Features Include
  • Real-time business analytics and intelligence reports
  • Remote access at any time from any location
  • High-resolution camera for instant QR code recognition
  • High-definition touch screen
Enhancements & Peripherals

Enhancements and peripherals such as a modern cash drawer and a bar scanner can be added. Clover Station will be available to Bank of America Merchant Services small business customers by the end of the year.

Lowest Overall Cost Commitment

Lowest Overall
Cost Commitment

Merchant saves money with an economical device that combines terminal with printer.

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